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Pensioner Rates Rebate Policy

This policy defines how Council of the City of Gold Coast applies a uniform/transparent rate rebate to approved pensioner rate payers. The policy applies to all eligible pensioner ratepayers in the Council’s local government area.

Subject to approval, a rebate for the differential general rate, up to a maximum amount adopted in the rating resolution by Council at its annual budget meeting for the financial year, may be granted to persons who hold a Queensland Pensioner Concession Card or a Queensland issued Repatriation Health Care Card for all conditions, in accordance with Pensioner Rates Rebate Policy – Home Owners and Pensioner Rates Rebate Policy – Non Home Owners.

A Home Owner is defined as a registered proprietor or life-tenant of freehold land. A Non-home Owner is defined as a person occupying a property under a Long Residence Arrangement.

 Pensioner Rates Rebate Policy (PDF 56kb)

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