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Management plans

A management plan may be required to satisfy conditions imposed on a development approval issued under the following legislation:

The types of management plans the City may require include, but are not limited to:

Construction management plans

Specific development conditions attached to a Material Change of Use approval may require approval of a construction management plan prior to building works commencing on site. 

The management of dust and noise does not form part of this assessment because it is separately conditioned in Material Change of Use approvals.

Objectives of construction management plans

Construction management plans are associated to major building projects and are designed to:

The application form details the information to be provided in a construction management plan.

Refer to the forms and applications section below for links to the forms.


Fees for an application for approval of construction management are as notated for assessment of a single management plan. Other fees for applications for landscaping and or tree clearing may be applicable but are not covered here.

For application fees see our Register of fees and charges.

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