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Planning & building enquiries

Contact numbers

Enquiry type Contact number
General planning enquiries
Development applications
Building setbacks/siting regulations
City Plan enquiries
Canals and waterway setbacks
Tree removal applications on private property
07 5582 8708
Infrastructure Charges 07 5582 9030
Building compliance inspections
Building plans
Certificates of classification
Driveways and vehicle crossings
Pool fencing on private property
Pool fence exemptions
Building (Private Certifier)
07 5667 5978
Property search requests 07 5667 5978
Stormwater on private property
Flood searches
07 5667 5995
Development compliance
Report a Problem - Development Compliance 07 5667 5978
Plumbing and drainage
Backflow prevention devices
House Drainage Plans
On site sewerage facilities
Plumbing and drainage applications
Plumbing and drainage inspections
07 5667 5977

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