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Before lodging a development application

City of Gold Coast provides applicants with the opportunity to meet with City officers to informally discuss key issues relevant to the assessment of a proposal, prior to lodging a formal development application.

There are two types of meetings available to applicants: facilitation meeting (Southport PDA) or pre-lodgement meetings.

Facilitation meeting request (Southport PDA)

A Priority Development Area (PDA) is a site declared by the State government to facilitate the development of land in Queensland for economic development and development for community purposes.

The Southport PDA Development Scheme significantly boosts our plans to revitalise Southport as the Gold Coast’s Central Business District (CBD). The PDA status removes development barriers, boosts investment opportunities and facilitates economic development.

The Southport PDA Development Scheme (the scheme) is applicable to all development on land within the boundary of the PDA. From the date of approval under a regulation, the scheme replaces the Southport PDA Interim Land Use Plan.

The purpose of a facilitation meeting is to provide an opportunity for applicants and City officers to informally discuss key issues relevant to the assessment of a Priority Development Area (PDA) development proposal prior to lodging an application.

Find the link to the Facilitation Meeting Request (Southport PDA) form below.

Note: Forms must be submitted in hard copy to the Planning Enquiries Centre, Waterside East Building, 9 Holden Place, Bundall or by mail to City of Gold Coast, PO Box 5042, GOLD COAST MC 9726. Faxed or emailed requests will not be accepted.

Pre-lodgement meeting request

Currently, pre-lodgement meetings are being conducted via video conference or teleconference. We are no longer holding face-to-face pre-lodgement meetings until further notice. This measure has been implemented to protect the health and well-being of our staff, customers and community.

The primary intention of the pre-lodgement meeting is restricted to the discussion of the proposal’s non-compliance with Planning Scheme requirements and the identification of alternative, acceptable solutions to the specific areas of non-compliance, just prior to the formal lodgement of the application.

Issues to be discussed must be specific and must reference specific Planning Scheme provisions and relevant codes, i.e. where and how the proposal does not comply with acceptable solutions contained within the City Plan and/or relevant codes.

A pre-lodgement meeting has mandatory documents required to be provided in order to be validated as a pre-lodgement meeting. Pre-lodgement requests may be refused where information is insufficient, unsuitable or where specific issues have not been identified on the form.

Find the link to the Pre-lodgement Meeting Request form below.

More information on pre-lodgement meetings

Refer to the frequently asked questions or contact the Planning Enquiries Centre on 07 5582 8708.

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