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Key design principles

Excellence and innovation in urban and architectural design makes a positive contribution to the Gold Coast's image and results in development that is responsive, connected, engaged, subtropical, aesthetic and adaptable.

These six city-wide design principles and related design elements should be applied harmoniously and are to be regarded as the policy for achieving excellence and innovation in urban and architectural design.

Download: Six key design principles (PDF 4.63mb)

  1. Response – Development is designed to respond to the existing built form character, landscape, climate and neighbourhood character to reinforce a strong sense of place and identity
  2. Connected – Development provides for connected, safe and accessible places to activate street life and pedestrian friendly spaces
  3. Engaged – Development is interesting, aesthetically pleasing and provides activated building edges to contribute to a vibrant, safe and inclusive public environment
  4. Subtropical – Development is designed to respect and function efficiently with integrated landscaping design that optimises our unique indoor and outdoor lifestyle
  5. Aesthetic – Development is high quality with attractive buildings and public spaces that exhibit design excellence enrich our neighbourhoods and amenity
  6. Adaptable – Development is flexible, diverse and efficient and support resilience of people and places over time
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