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Swimming pool fencing

We are all responsible for keeping our children safe around pools.

Refer to the Queensland Development Code for Queensland's pool safety standards – QDC MP3.4 Swimming pool barriers.

If you’re a property owner

As the owner of a pool or land with a pool you must ensure pool fences are maintained to prevent kids from drowning or being seriously injured. 

You must:

If you’re a tenant

As a tenant, you must:

Approvals for pools and spas

All swimming pools and spas require a building approval to build and demolish.

The only concession to avoid building approval and fencing requirements is for portable wading pools that:

If your pool or spa exceeds any of these it needs building approval, registration and pool fencing.

For portable wading pool owners and those looking to buy please refer to don’t duck out website for safety advice.

Where to go for information

Swimming pool regulations involve different parts of the government. The below will assist with locating the required information.

Department of Housing and Public Works administer pool safety regulations.

Queensland Building Construction Commission register all swimming pools and licence those involved in building and inspecting pools as well as pool safety inspections.

City of Gold Coast issues compliance notices for repairs and fines. Complaints about fencing can be made using our online report a problem form.

Assess pool fencing exemptions on the grounds of accessibility or impracticality, refer to parts 235 and 245 of the Building Act 1975 for details. An application for an exemption can be made on the form below, together with a state government form 28. To ensure fast receipt and timely processing of your request, please use our online form.

Building certifiers provide building approvals for new swimming pools. Pool safety inspectors issue pool safety certificates for existing pool fencing and can undertake minor repairs. These professionals may be able to assist in providing site specific fencing advice.

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