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Tactical urbanism

What is tactical urbanism?

Tactical urbanism is a new aspect of urban renewal and placemaking recently introduced to the City, which will allow small scale, incremental improvements at low cost.

Improving the liveability of towns and cities and particularly the experience of pedestrians, generally starts at the street, block or building level. Incremental, small scale improvements are becoming a better way to stage more substantial improvements.

These small scale changes can be conceived as the first step in realising ongoing and lasting change. With costs between $25,000 and $150,000, tactical urbanism allows a local neighbourhood to be refreshed and revitalised quickly and relatively easily, rather than waiting for allocation in a capital budget.

Tactical urbanism can be implemented across the City in two ways. Firstly, it can be implemented as early action out of a placemaking master plan, allowing quick, short term changes to be made on the ground, keeping community interest and momentum, as well as testing ideas for future permanent changes. Secondly, it can be implemented as low budget, permanent changes in any centre where there is a need for small scale, incremental change.

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