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24 August 2020

Request for settlement figures

Property purchasers and vendors can now request settlement figures by email from 7am to 2pm weekdays, and receive a response the same day.

Save time and submit your request online. You'll receive detailed up to date balances, charges and water meter reads, as well as any relevant direct debit or rebate details.

Submit online form: /mobile/planning-and-building/request-for-settlement-figures-53947.html

29 June 2018

Rates and Water information search

Use this form to request a rates and water search 

Submit online form:

Search Request Form (0.26mb)

10 July 2014

Application for Credit Account

Use this form to apply for a credit account. If you have any specific enquiries on how to complete this form, please contact Payments and Recoveries on 07 5581 6751.

Application for Credit Account (0.08mb)

2 October 2020

Search Request Form

City of Gold Coast keeps a record of every parcel of rateable land within its boundaries.    

Written search reports are created by generating and extracting specific data relevant to a particular property from our property systems and are accurate at the time of data extraction.  

Submit online form:

Search Request Form (0.26mb)

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