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Smart water meter solutions project

Access to near real-time water use data will soon be a reality for some non-residential Gold Coast water customers.

The City of Gold Coast is in the initial phase of proactively converting over 5000 existing water meters to smart water meters. A smart water meter device will be attached to existing water meters, which enables the collection, transmission and analysis of water use data through secure operational and customer digital portals.

Smart Water Solutions infographic

The smart water meter devices will enable the City to assist customers take a smarter approach to sustainable water management. Further benefits to customers include:

The City will be prioritising the deployment of smart water meter devices to non-residential customers in this stage of the project.

Schools Water Conservation Program

Smart water meter technology is already helping schools across the city as part of the Schools Water Conservation Program. The program has helped schools to quickly identify leaks - saving water and saving schools money. It has also helped them keep track of usage patterns, develop more sustainable irrigation schedules and improve their overall water literacy.

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