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Appeal a parking fine

You can appeal a fine:

Please read the information below before appealing your fine.

Please read our Safe and legal parking tips to gain a better understanding of the parking regulations.

If you want to appeal a parking fine, you must lodge the appeal:

Please do not approach our parking officers or customer service officers to ask to have your fine cancelled. Parking officers and customer service officers cannot cancel a fine after it has been issued. All appeals must be submitted in writing.

Reasons for appeal

A parking fine can only be reviewed for one of these reasons:

  1. Elements of offence not met – you can appeal a parking fine if you believe the facts of the fine are not correct. You will need to provide supporting evidence.
  2. Nominate another driver – you can appeal a parking fine if you were not driving the vehicle or not responsible for the vehicle at the time of the offence. To let us know that you were not responsible for the vehicle, please nominate another driver. You will need to sign a Statutory Declaration confirming that another person was responsible for the vehicle when the fine was issued. Please ensure you include this with your appeal. If you have sold or disposed of the vehicle, you will need to provide us with supporting evidence (such as the disposal notice or a police report).
  3. Exceptional circumstances – you can appeal a parking fine if the offence was unavoidable because of a medical emergency or vehicle breakdown. You will need to provide supporting evidence (such as a medical certificate or towing invoice).

We do not withdraw parking fines for these reasons:

  • financial hardship (for fines over $200 you may apply to pay in instalments)
  • being unaware of the law
  • not seeing a sign
  • not agreeing with the law
  • running out of petrol
  • delayed appointment
  • stopping for only a brief time in a restricted zone
  • paying for time that exceeds the maximum allowable parking time.

View a fine

You can see your parking fine and photos of your vehicle at our Parking Infringement Portal.

The photos may help you decide what to do about the fine.

You will need to provide the infringement notice number and vehicle registration details to see the parking fine and photos.

Evidence needed for an appeal

If you appeal a parking fine, you will need to include supporting evidence. This may include:

  • a copy of the parking ticket (Penalty Infringement Notice) or the infringement number
  • vehicle registration details
  • date and time of the incident
  • grounds for any legal defence
  • details of exceptional circumstances
  • detail of the error on the infringement notice
  • relevant photos or diagrams
  • a copy of your valid parking permit or disability parking permit
  • written advice or crime report from Queensland Police Service.

If you do not provide sufficient evidence, your appeal will be denied.

Specific evidence requirements

Ground for request Evidence required
Serious medical circumstances (includes accident and emergency hospital attendance, family death, giving birth, palliative care) Letter from attending doctor or hospital detailing time and date corresponding to the offence.
Mechanical breakdown Tow truck receipt, RACQ receipt, mechanical report stating date and time.
Parking machine not working (you must have attempted all machines nearby and attempted other methods of payment, including coins, card or Easy Park app) Statement of each attempt made to pay (review officer will check system outage reports).
Driver has a valid disabled parking permit but the permit was not displayed Copy or photo of the valid disabled permit and identification details for proof of ability to use permit. We will only withdraw a parking fine once for this reason.
Incorrect details or administrative error Correct registration details (copy of registration certificate) or photo of vehicle to demonstrate different to the vehicle nominated as committing the offence, or other evidence to show proof of incorrect details.
Note that the Infringement Notice may be reissued with correct details.
Sign missing, damaged or faded Photo of missing, damaged or faded sign clearly showing surrounding area to identify the area as the location of the offence.
Infringement Notice issued in error or incorrect offence stated Relevant photos and other information to support the argument that the offence did not occur.
Not the driver at the time of offence Statutory Declaration stating details of person responsible for the offence or if the driver was unknown, a copy of a police report.

How to appeal

You must complete the approved form and attach supporting evidence to appeal your parking fine.

You can:

If you appeal a parking fine, you must lodge the appeal:

  • before paying the fine
  • before the due date of the payment.

*Please also complete and attach a Statutory Declaration form

For more information, please contact City Parking on 07 5667 5989.

Please do not approach our parking officers or customer service officers to ask to have your fine cancelled. Parking officers and customer service officers cannot cancel a fine after it has been issued. All appeals must be submitted in writing.

What happens after you appeal a parking fine

  • Once your completed application is received, your fine will be placed on hold.
  • This means that no payment is necessary while we review your application.
  • You will be notified of the decision within 45 business days.
  • If your fine is withdrawn no further action from you is necessary.
  • If your fine is upheld you will be given 28 days to pay the fine.

Request for a court hearing

To request a court hearing, you can either:

Your court hearing request must be received within 28 days from the date of issue on the infringement notice. A prosecution against you may then be commenced in the Magistrates Court.

If you request a court hearing, you are responsible for obtaining your own legal advice.

If the magistrate finds that you are guilty of the original offence, you may be liable for court costs in addition to the original fine. This could include the cost of the complaint and summons, an offender levy and any other court ordered costs.

If you do not appear on the date of the hearing, the offence may be heard in your absence.

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