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City cleaning

The City Cleaning team operates over a number of different shifts including morning, afternoon and night, seven days a week and provides the following services:

Our City Cleaning services keep the Gold Coast looking pristine. We are responsible for:

City Cleaning ensures all public areas around our city are kept clean. These include:

Approximately 25 cubic metres of rubbish/litter is removed from our beaches every week.


The City Cleaning service actively supports many major events such as:

The City Cleaning team meets regularly with organisers of major events to ensure adequate advice, service and support are provided throughout these events.

This support includes additional and specialised cleaning before, during and after the events. Many of these events are televised around the world and it is important that the event precincts and surrounding areas are presented in pristine condition.


The City ensures public facilities and barbecues in our high usage parks and foreshore areas are cleaned daily.

City officers strive to provide cleaning services in a reliable, quick and cost efficient manner across the Gold Coast.

Safe sharps bins

The City also provides sharps bins for disposal of used syringes at over 400 public amenities across the Coast. For more information about bin locations and reporting unsafe sharps in public bins, visit our Safe sharps bins page.

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