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City parking

Carey Carpark sign and cars parked in that area

Where to park

Find places to park using our City parking map and Metered parking areas and pricing pages.

Find out more about the city’s time-limited traffic areas. Residents in time-limited traffic areas may be eligible to apply for a parking permit.

Learn about local area parking changes.

Close up of someone entering registration number into meter

Metered parking

On 1 August 2019, we introduced the EasyPark payment app for use in our car parking areas. Find out more on our Metered parking areas and pricing page.

View the rules about metered parking on our Safe and legal parking tips page or download our guide.

Parking fine

Parking fines

Find out how to pay or view a parking fine (infringement notice), or what to do if you have lost your fine.

Find information on how to appeal a parking fine, including valid reasons and evidence required for an appeal.

Local area parking changes

Local area parking changes

From Monday 1 February 2021 we will be changing the way we manage parking in Currumbin, Coolangatta and Rainbow Bay. New parking measures will be introduced to manage high demand for car parking. 

To find out more, visit Local area parking changes.

Cars parked along a residential road in Broadbeach

Parking permits

Various parking permits are accepted for parking in the city, including disability parking, residents, visitors, and resident event parking (specific areas), carer, residential care service, and commercial vehicles. Find out if you are eligible, and how to apply if you are.

More information

Parking rules

Parking rules

Parking restrictions (e.g. timed parking) exist to ensure that traffic flows smoothly in and around the city; clearways, school and bus zones are kept safe and clear; residents can park locally; and that public and business areas remain accessible to all.

Find out more at our Safe and legal parking tips page.

Parking guides

Safe and legal parking guides

Parking safely and legally on the Gold Coast is everyone's responsibility.

Download and view our guide to safe and legal parking on the gold coast.

Illegal parking

Reporting illegally parked vehicles

You can report issues with illegally parked vehicles by visiting our Report a problem - Vehicles page and lodging an online complaint, calling the City Parking enquiry line on 07 5667 5989, visiting a customer service centre, or by downloading our mobile app. Our City Parking officers will respond to your request and enforce the City’s parking regulations where applicable.

City Parking Plan

City Parking Plan

The City Parking Plan addresses the issues of keeping our city moving, managing parking, to increase availability while improving customer service and boosting economic activity. Find out about some of the City's initiatives:

Traffic Area Parking Permit Scheme

Traffic Area and Parking Permit Scheme

An increased number of traffic areas are now in place around the city to manage overflow parking in residential streets.

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