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Change the way you move. Ride a bicycle to your next destination for fun, fitness and smart transport.

The Gold Coast has approximately 2400 kilometres of bikeways and pathways that link neighbourhoods, schools and parks, and interconnect with major transit routes. Cycling is becoming increasingly popular for commuting and recreation. It is cheaper than driving, produces less pollution and can be quicker for short trips, especially in peak hour.

Bike share 

Pedal Power on the Gold Coast has been given a boost with the launch of a new bike share scheme. Residents and visitors can now explore our beautiful city by taking advantage of this accessible and affordable initiative.

Free cycling workshops and events

The City holds many great cycling events throughout the year, including offering a series of free workshops for every age and ability to help you get on your bike and enjoy the many benefits that cycling provides. These workshops also cover tips to make you a safer road user.

Benefits of cycling

Cycling is a cost effective and healthy way to get around our city. Improve your fitness and help reduce congestion on our roads.

Bike theft prevention

A lot of bicycle theft results from owners taking insufficient precautions to lock their bikes properly or leaving them in places where they are vulnerable to theft. There are a number of ways you can reduce the risk of having your bike stolen.

Cycling safety

Beginners and experienced cyclists alike can feel exposed or vulnerable in the road environment. Riding confidently, courteously, and proactively scanning and sharing the road will improve your safety.

Bike sheds

There are a number of bike sheds available for you to use along the light rail (G:link). They provide a protected place to park your bike while you make the most of Gold Coast public transport on your way to work, school, shopping or just getting out and about.

Maps and guides

Our maps and guides will help you discover the best walking, cycling and public transport routes in your local area. Why not explore your neighbourhood or the wider Gold Coast area?

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