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Cycling and bikeways

Cyclists on bikeway

Bicycles are an important mode of transport for both our own personal health and the sustainability of the Gold Coast's beautiful environment.

Overview of cycling and bikeways

City of Gold Coast has purposely incorporated on-road and off-road bikeways into the city’s town planning guidelines.

More than 2400 kilometres of bikeways and pathways link neighbourhoods, schools, foreshores and parks, and interconnect with major transit routes.

Riding a bike not only improves health and fitness, but is also beneficial to the environment and motorists by reducing greenhouse gases, noise and traffic congestion. Best of all, the city’s bikeways are designed to cater for all levels of rider ability.

Bikeways are an opportunity for the City to provide safe transport alternatives to cars and improve recreational opportunities for the community. It’s all part of our ambition for a sustainable, growing city. By working together with the community and State Government, we are helping to promote cycling as a popular transit option now and into the future. Find out more about this sustainable travel choice, including information about free cycling workshops and events, the benefits of cycling, and cycling safety.

Jumping aboard the two-wheeled transport, you may see different aspects of the Gold Coast you never knew existed. It's a great way to explore the city.

Bikeway maps

Bikeway maps inform cyclists of the bikeways that exist throughout the city and provide information to make cycling safer and more enjoyable. Bikeway maps form part of the latest Gold Coast Cycling Guide.

The Cycling Guide is available in hard copy at our customer service centres or as PDF files. For a copy or for more information, call 07 5582 8677.

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