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Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts

The health and wellbeing of the Gold Coast community, our customers and City employees is our first priority.

Please keep social distancing in mind when using boat ramps and while boating, and follow the advice from Queensland Health.

When thinking about what you can and cannot do – first follow the social distancing advice from Queensland Health.

For additional information on COVID-19 and boating, visit the Gold Coast Waterways Authority.

For the latest update on City's response visit

Fishing is a favourite past-time for many Gold Coast residents and visitors. The City provides platforms and fishing spots for both serious and recreational anglers.

Visit the Queensland Government's recreational fishing web pages for information on fishing permits, rules and regulations.

Protect our waterways

You can help protect our waterways and fish stocks by doing a few simple things.

  1. Dispose of all rubbish, bait bags and tangled fishing lines thoughtfully.
  2. Practise catch and release, or only keep the fish that you need.
  3. Observe bag limits.
  4. Reporting any sightings of noxious fish (such as tilapia, carp and gambusia) to the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

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