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Local Heritage Register

GC Local Heritage Register

The Gold Coast's heritage places reflect aspects of our local history and culture. They provide a tangible connection to the past. These places form mementos for present and future generations to learn about, understand and to some degree experience the past. Our association with heritage places enable us to develop sustainable communities which people can feel they are a part of.

Our city has many places of heritage value, including buildings, infrastructure, cemeteries, archaeological sites, gardens and urban precincts. The Gold Coast Local Heritage Register, established in 2010, represents an opportunity for the city to bring its colourful history to life, cataloguing all places currently listed in the Local Heritage Register, including places listed on the Queensland Heritage Register.

Locations of heritage places

Download maps of listed heritage places.

Protecting our heritage

The best way to protect these places is to ensure they remain in use and are valued by the community. We have an obligation to do this not just for residents but also for the many people who visit the Gold Coast from interstate and internationally. The City provides free advice to property owners, or those intending to own a heritage place, about heritage and character places and how to care for them.

Proposed additions to the Local Heritage Register

Anyone can make a proposal for a place to be considered for entry in the Gold Coast Local Heritage Register.

Propose a place for entry in the Local Heritage Register

Find out how to propose a place for entry in the Local Heritage Register

Current Local Heritage Register proposals

The following place is proposed for entry in the Gold Coast Local Heritage Register:

Place Address Lot/Plan description
(former) Burleigh De-Luxe Picture Theatre known as the “Old Burleigh Theatre Arcade” 64 Goodwin Terrace, Burleigh Heads 4220 Lot 1/RP72012

In accordance with the requirements of section 117 of the Queensland Heritage Act 1992 any person or entity may write a submission about this proposal. Submissions must be made on the basis that the place is or is not a place of cultural heritage significance to the City of Gold Coast.

Details regarding the Public Notice and a copy of the proposed entry in the Local Heritage Register including the statement of significance is available on our Old Burleigh Theatre Arcade Public Notification documentation page.

Financial and economic impacts of heritage listing

Urbis Australia was commissioned by the City to review known and available literature relating to the financial and economic impacts of heritage listing. Such studies have demonstrated that heritage listing is unlikely to affect property values, both in the present and in the future. In some instances, heritage listing can result in an increase of property value above the median increase in times of a buoyant property market (known as a 'buyer’s premium') and insulate property owners from the worst effects of a downward trending property market.

There may be limited situations where heritage listing can impact on land use rights and this, in turn, may have some effect on property value. Urbis recommended that further research be undertaken to identify when this outcome may occur and identify solutions to mitigate those affects. A copy of the report is available to download.

Further information

For further information on the Gold Coast Local Heritage Register, properties listed in the Register or future proposals, call our Heritage Team on 07 5582 8875.

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