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Maori showbands

Maori Showbands, including the Maori Troubadours and the Maori Hi–Fives, first arrived on the Gold Coast in the mid 1950s. A combination of choreographed moves, amazing outfits, sultry good looks and rich voices made them a hit with audiences. Most of the bands performed in Gold Coast venues, such as the Chevron and Bernie Elsie’s Beachcomber at Surfers Paradise, the Broadbeach International Hotel, the River Inn and Tiki Village.

Maori showbands

The Maori Volcanics were one of the early bands and they included band member Nuki Waaka. His interview was recorded as part of the oral history collection.

Some bands also included members who were not Maori but Australians, either indigenous or just dark skinned. One of these ‘honorary’ Maoris was Lyn Adamson who sang in the 1970s with the Soundells. Her interview can also be found in the oral history collection.

Do you have a story to tell about Maori showbands on the Gold Coast? If so we invite you to share your memories.

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