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No stopping areas

From Monday 12 August 2019, a no stopping area will be implemented along High Street between North Street and Scarborough Street during peak times.

The no stopping area will operate Monday to Friday, between 7am and 9.30am and 3pm and 6pm.

Kerbside parking will be permitted outside these times in accordance with the current parking regulations.

The marked cycle lane on High Street between North Street and Scarborough Street will also be removed to enable two traffic lanes. Cyclists are able to share the road with motorists or use the off-road shared pathways.

No stopping areas help manage congestion by allowing more motorists to use major roads that struggle with capacity during peak times. When cars are parked in a kerbside lane, motorists are forced to merge which, during peak traffic times, can cause queuing, delays and safety issues. No stopping areas allow us to move more traffic on busy roads when we need it most and reduce unsafe merging situations.

We're investigating locations across the city where no stopping areas may improve traffic flows and help us manage congestion.

Key benefits of no stopping areas

There are many benefits to no stopping areas which include:

For more information see the frequently asked questions below.

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