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Park safety

Parks and their outdoor surrounds are not hazard-free environments. It's important when visiting a park and/or conducting your event or activity in a park that you take necessary steps to address safety. Parks can have inherent risks such as, but not limited to, biting insects, uneven ground, water bodies and can expose users to wind, rain and sun.  

Park safety tips

Find below some important tips to help you, your family and friends have a safe, fun and enjoyable park experience.

City parks are not known for crime, but it still pays to be on your guard. Taking basic measures to avoid the chances of being targeted by petty criminals is sensible.

Walking, running and cycling

Natural areas

Be on the lookout for snakes and spiders, both of which can be extremely dangerous and are common in many natural areas. Avoid walking barefoot in a park. Biting insects can be a pest, so be sure to spray yourself liberally with a suitable repellent before going out and about in the park.

Swimming in canals, creeks, lakes, rivers and the ocean

Please see our Lifeguards and surf safety page for swimming at our beaches.

It is highly recommended not to swim in the City's canal systems due to the presence of dangerous marine animals.

The City provides a number of swimming enclosures.

Tips for swimming in creeks, lakes and rivers

Swimming in creeks, lakes, and rivers is fun, but there are hidden dangers, which can cause serious injuries. Be careful! It is not the same as swimming in a pool.

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