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Parking fines

On this page you’ll find information about how to:

Pay a fine

Pay your parking fine (infringement notice) online – you will need the infringement notice number.

Ways to pay are provided on the back of the parking ticket (Penalty Infringement Notice). For more information about ways to pay, please see our Payments page.

When you pay your parking fine:

View a fine

You can see your parking fine and photos of your vehicle at our Parking Infringement Portal.

The photos may help you decide what to do about the fine.

You will need to provide the infringement notice number and vehicle registration details to see the parking fine and photos.

Lost a fine?

If you lose or misplace your parking fine (Penalty Infringement Notice), please call us on 07 5667 5989 or visit any Customer Service Centre to obtain the details.

You will need to provide your vehicle registration details to help us locate the fine.

Appeal a fine

To find reasons for an appeal, evidence you may need to provide, and how to apply visit Appeal a parking fine.

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