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Queensland Korean War Memorial

Prisioner of War mural

Prisoner of War Mural

Image of slouch hat, rifle and boots

Missing in Action Mural

The Korean War Memorial is located in the northern section of Cascade Gardens in proximity to Monaco Street and along the internal road within Cascade Gardens, Broadbeach.

The memorial is in a picturesque setting with the design of the Korean Wall, a series of 10 relief murals that represent the different forces - army, navy and air force in addition to the artillery/tanks, nurses and medics including those Missing In Action, Prisoners of War and Veterans.

The commemorative murals include:

It takes the form of a significant remembrance wall, emblazoned with murals depicting the struggle for freedom by United Nations Forces from 1950 to 1953 and to 1957 by the Australian veterans of the navy, army and air force. The impressive mural sculptures include the struggles of the Korean people who gave so much to defend their nation.

The central prominent sculpture of a Korean War era Australian soldier depicts a sentinel at ease overseeing the commemorative site. A dedication plaque rests to the front of the main memorial wall, positioned on a raised and angled desk plinth.

Additional plaques, at the left and right flanks of the memorial wall, are displayed in both English and Korean languages, and explain the involvement of the Australian forces in the Korean War. The memorial wall is flanked by a remembrance garden, with three flag poles, flying the Australian, Republic of Korea and United Nations flags.

At the southern end, there is a special tribute to the land forces of the Royal Australian Regiment including original battlefield stones presented by the Gapyeong County, Republic of Korea. On the northern end, a special remembrance area for the Korean veterans and citizens has been constructed. The area is aesthetically enhanced by two Korean pagodas and appropriate plantings of flora.

The Queensland Korean War Memorial at Cascade Gardens has been added to the exclusive list of Military Memorials of National Significance.

In a first for Queensland, the Broadbeach memorial is now alongside six others including Australian Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial in Ballarat; HMAS Sydney II Memorial in Geraldton; and the ANZAC Memorial in Hyde Park, Sydney.

City of Gold Coast led the initiative to apply to the Department of Veterans Affairs for the recognition, alongside Korean War Memorial committee chairman Maurie Pears with the Prime Minister endorsing the declaration in August 2014.

Mayor Tom Tate joined Senator Michael Ronaldson, Veterans' Affairs Minister and Moncrieff MP Steven Ciobo, and Mr Pears at Cascade Gardens for the official declaration on Tuesday 25 August 2015.

“It is an honour for this significant site to now be nationally recognised, standing alongside such respected memorials in Australia,” he said.

“We have set Cascade Gardens aside as a place of reflection, remembrance and peace. It will be a drawcard for residents and visitors now, and in years to come.”

Mr Pears, a driving force behind the construction of the memorial, said it was a great day for 17,500 Korean War veterans.

“We have all joined together with kind hearts and busy hands to build this joint service memorial. This memorial is a monument to those who served. It will never be forgotten,’’ he said.

For more information visit the Queensland Korean War Memorial website.

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