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Leisure activities

The Gold Coast's beautiful parks, exquisite waterways and kilometres of uninterrupted beaches offer an array of leisure activities for residents and visitors.

City of Gold Coast manages many of the natural areas, waterways and facilities that support these activities.

Swimming and Aquatic Centres

Swimming and aquatic centres

We manage a number of aquatic centres and swimming enclosures across the Gold Coast which offer the community a large range of opportunities for swimming, fitness and relaxing.

Active & Healthy program - cycling image

Active & Healthy program

The City's Active & Healthy program offers a broad range of free and low-cost activities that are fun, enjoyable and suitable for all shapes and sizes.

Small dog getting walked on the beach

Dog exercise areas

Dog exercise areas are provided by the City for dog owners. They are for the enjoyment of all, so please be considerate of people who may be sharing the area with you and your dog.

Cycling on the Gold Coast

Cycling and bikeways

Our climate, stunning landscape and more than 2400 kilometres of bikeways and pathways link neighbourhoods, schools, foreshores and parks, and interconnect with major transit routes.

Public barbecue in a park

Public barbecues

The City has more than 380 barbecues located in many parks and reserves across the Gold Coast. These barbecues are cleaned and serviced frequently by the City's maintenance team, making sure they are available for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Water based recreation

Water based recreation

The Gold Coast is a known boating and jet ski paradise. A number of the public boat ramps, jetties, pontoons and fishing facilities are managed by the City.

Popular parks to BMX and skate

BMX / Skate parks

The Gold Coast is home to the most skate and BMX parks in Australia! From beginners to advanced skaters there's a bmx or skatepark for all.

Nature based recreation

Nature based recreation

The natural areas of the Gold Coast provide numerous sustainable recreational opportunities such as bushwalking, fishing, kayaking, bird watching, mountain biking and horse riding.

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