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Nobby Beach - corner of Lavarack Road and Gold Coast Highway

City Place Making - Nobby Beach Lavarack Road


The Nobby Beach Neighbourhood Centre is a local commercial strip fronting the eastern side of the Gold Coast Highway between Chairlift Avenue and Wave Street, Mermaid Beach. The centre is located at a well-defined bend in the Gold Coast Highway north of Magic Mountain.

The Nobby Beach project is located on the corners of Lavarack Road and Gold Coast Highway. This intersection forms a gateway between the Nobby Beach centre and the beach 200 metres to the east.

Nobby Beach has become an emerging local centre offering good food and beverages from trendy cafes, bars and restaurants day and night. It has a local feel with older characteristic Gold Coast small scale built form, continuous awnings, narrow shopfronts, outdoor dining, few franchises, and an active street life and public realm. Its overtly relaxed identity and coastal proximity blends symbiotically with its trendy café and boutique scene combining as a unique eclectic character that leaves a lasting impression on visitors and locals to the centre.

Design information

Drawing inspiration from this unique character and trendy ‘café alfresco’ setting, the design integrates cohesively with the fabric of Nobby Beach to enhance this gateway into a rich sense of place. It has been branded by new distinctive honed footpath; feature decking with rustic stone and timber seating; lighting and shade structures; new gardens introducing texture, scent and colour; and street furniture including litter bins and bicycle racks. The materials palette represents the beach/urban feel of the centre.

Although heavily constrained by underground infrastructure, the corners have new trees and structures to provide shade; and decking, gardens and seating to provide space and opportunities for social interaction, respite and amenity.

Project information

Design: City Place Making
Build/installation: Construction Services
Construction of the northern corner was undertaken from late October to early December 2015 and then late January through to February 2016. The southern corner construction was undertaken from 20 April to end of May 2016; and late June and early July 2016.
Cost: $472,230

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