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Online advertising

Advertising on the City of Gold Coast website was introduced in April 2015 as a feasibility study to explore potential new sources of revenue for City initiatives.

After an initial pilot phase of 12 months using the advertising spaces for the promotion of City services, events and initiatives, it was decided to continue with this approach. City-funded entities are also able to promote their services and events using these ad spaces.

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  • When did the advertising on the City’s website commence?

    On Monday 27 April 2015, City of Gold Coast introduced advertising on as a pilot project.

  • How is the advertising being managed?

    The placement of advertisements is managed internally within the City of Gold Coast for content related to the promotion of City services, events and initiatives.

  • Can I buy or place an advert on the City’s website?

    Advertising space on is not currently available to external parties.

  • Can I turn the ads off so I don’t see them?

    Most browsers offer options to block ads. Find more information by visiting the following websites:

  • Do the ads increase the time it takes for web pages to load?

    The time taken to load our web pages is not significantly affected when ads are placed on the pages. The website will continue to be compatible with current technology.

    If you are experiencing problems with page load time, check to see if you have the most recent version of your browser. If not, you may need to upgrade to a later version or consider other browser options.