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Paradise Point, Tree lighting, The Esplanade


Paradise Point, Tree lighting, The Esplanade

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In 2015 Cr Caldwell, together with members of the Paradise Point business community saw an opportunity to enhance the dining experience along The Esplanade, by installing decorative lighting.

City Place Making prepared concepts and worked with Building Maintenance to install additional power supply and bud lights in ten of the existing trees.

Following the success of The Esplanade tree lighting project, Councillor Caldwell extended the scope of tree lighting works to include Grice Avenue. Bud lights were installed into 12 trees. This stage included wrapping strings of bud lights onto the trunks of four palm trees in Bruce Avenue.

The tree lighting adds to the ambience of the dining experience and connects Grice Avenue to The Esplanade as a dining precinct.

The project has received positive feedback from the community.

"Went out for dinner at Paradise Point restaurants a few times over the festive season and would like to compliment the GCCC on the white decorative lighting on the trees around the area, they look fabulous and money well spent,
great job".
- Steve Chapman, local resident.

Project information

Design: City Place Making
Build/installation: Building Maintenance
Cost - The Esplanade: $30,500
Cost - Grice Avenue: $30,000

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