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Permits & Licensing

Information on City of Gold Coast permits and licensing requirements can be found from this page. To find a topic, scroll through the full list below (this is sorted alphabetically by category) or search using specific keywords or categories in the search fields below. Click 'Go' to activate the search.

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Commercial vehicles

This permit is issued under Council of the City of Gold Coast Local Law No. 2 (Regulated Parking) 2008 to regulate and manage parking in commercial loading zones throughout the city.

Heavy vehicle parking permit

Applications to obtain a heavy vehicle parking licence are assessed subject to criteria and conditions detailed in Council of the City of the Gold Coast Local Law No.44 (Heavy Vehicle Parking) 2007.

Horse drawn vehicles or pedicabs carrying passengers

Find information on how to apply for a permit for horse drawn vehicles or pedicabs carrying passengers. These vehicles are considered to be tourist attractions, adding ambience and energy to the Gold Coast's streetscape.

Aircraft operations

Aircraft operations (e.g. helicopter landings/takeoffs) must comply with the Gold Coast Planning Scheme and local laws.

Hot air ballooning operations

A licence is required for hot air ballooning operations, regardless of whether they launch or land on private property or City parks.

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