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Pimpama to Coombabah recycled water main augmentation

Commencing: July 2019
Completion: March 2020

Project information

The City is upgrading the recycled water pipeline from Pimpama Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) to Coombabah STP.

This pipeline will span 1.66 kilometres and will be constructed within an existing easement through the Lakeside Country Club. The augmentation will consist of the construction of an 800-millimetre diameter recycled water main pipeline to Coombabah Sewerage Treatment Plant.

These works are an important component of a larger city-wide project which will increase the capacity of our excess recycled water release system, to keep up with future population growth and subsequent increased demand on the network.

Public impact

  • Access through Coombabah Lakeside’s Conservation area Bird Hide (Boardwalk) will be temporarily closed, representatives have been informed via separate notifications.
  • Temporary changes to the car park along the northern side of Shelter Road.
  • Designated construction access for contractors.
  • Access to the 'Bird Hide' road will also be temporarily unavailable during construction.
  • Some noise and dust is expected during construction.
  • Some vegetation removal will be required.
  • No residential properties will be affected during this construction phase.

Extended works at Lakeside Country Club from 2 August to 1 September 2019

Works within the Lakeside Country Club to will be undertaken from the 2 August to 1 September 2019. During this period extended works will be required to include Monday to Sunday between 6am and 6pm. On occasion the works may be required to be extended to 10pm. The golf course will be closed during this period.

Areas affected

Suburb Division Streets affected Reference
Coombabah 2 and 4 Gold Coast Highway, Brisbane Road
Shelter Road and Lakeside Country Club

Extent of works

Download the detailed Locality plan (PDF 397kb)

For more information on recycled water please visit the Recycled water page.

Related information

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  • Why is the City building this pipeline?

    These works are an important component of a larger city-wide project which will increase the capacity of our excess recycled water release system to keep up with future population growth and subsequent increased demand on the network.

  • Why is it going through the Coombabah Wetlands?

    The section of pipeline going through the Coombabah wetlands accounts for a small length of the overall project.

    The placement of this pipeline follows an existing easement which includes an approved construction corridor 10 metres wide, which also houses existing pipelines. Specific construction methods will be used to minimise impacts to the area.

  • Will there be vegetation removal as part of these works?

    Some vegetation removal will be required to complete these works.

    We will be working with flora and fauna specialists to supervise the essential removal of vegetation and minimise impacts. Upon completion we will replant vegetation within the general area.

  • Will this construction work cause impacts to the environment?

    We take environmental protection very seriously and throughout the planning and construction of this project, strict environmental requirements have and will be met.

  • What happens if a koala is encountered during the removal of vegetation?

    The City has engaged a fauna spotter as part of these project works. The Queensland Nature Conservation Act 1992 [Nature Conservation (Koala) Conservation Plan 2017] stipulates that the tree the koala is in, along with any trees with canopy touching the tree with the koala, must be left in situ while the koala is there.

    Works can continue sequentially but will need to return at a later time to the section where the koala was. Wildlife and breeding habitats will be managed and relocated according to the project's approved Fauna and Vegetation management plans.

  • What are the hours of work?

    Standard hours of work are 6am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and Saturday 8am to 3pm, excluding public holidays.

    Twenty-four-hour and/or Monday to Sunday works may be required to expedite progress through the Lakeside Country Club, minimising disruption to the Golf Club and surrounding residents. Should this be required, prior notice will be provided to the Lakeside Country Club and its residents.

  • When will the Bird Hide access be reopened?

    The Bird Hide access walk has been temporarily closed during construction works. The City’s Natural Areas Management Unit will be creating a new access to the Bird Hide upon project completion.


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