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Planning and building

The Gold Coast is a vibrant and attractive city. We are working hard to maintain our enviable lifestyle and ensure our city continues to thrive in a sustainable way.

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Building works

Some generalised building information is offered on these pages that can be useful for residential projects.

A building approval can be sought from a private building certifier, refer to the Private Building Certifier page to find out about their role and the building works that do not require approval. If you are a private building certifier, you can also find all the information you need to archive building approvals and certification.

Use the links below for information on approvals for projects you may be working on.

After hours building and delivery works

Building work that makes an audible noise may be carried out between the hours of 6.30am and 6.30pm Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays and Sundays. Applications for after-hours building work permits may be lodged on the prescribed application form.

Building works that do not require an approval

There are some building works that do not require an approval from a private building certifier such as renovations or repairs to homes, find out more information here.

Carports and garages

Carports often require special consideration of setbacks and service locations prior to approval, find out more here.


Find out what you need to know about constructing a dwelling house, secondary dwelling or dual occupancy (duplex).


A gatehouse is defined as a small building at the entrance to a house.

Referral Agency Assessment applications

The City reviews applications where a design does not meet the normal setback, site cover, height or amenity and aesthetics requirements for residential properties. Find information on the application types and lodgement information.


Building setbacks are subject to various requirements; some general information on residential setbacks is available here.


Find out more on what rules apply to a shed when constructed with a house.



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