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We are working hard to build a vibrant city, maintain our enviable Gold Coast lifestyle and ensure our city will be thriving, sustainable and attractive.

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Centre improvement project testimonials

Read testimonials about our Centre Improvement Program (CIP) projects from members of our community below.

Visit the Centre improvement project showcase page to learn more about our CIP projects.

As a resident of Paradise Point I'm really impressed with the transformation that CIP has achieved. Previously the area around Grice Avenue and the Esplanade looked rather shabby and a little rundown. Now the work carried out has made it look fresh and more up market.

I particularly like the beautiful wooden street furniture on each corner of the junction of Grice Ave and Falkinder Ave and I noticed when I walked to the shops last weekend that the plantings are thriving.

The look of Grice Ave has really been improved with the removal of the old trees, replaced with new trees, which has made it more open and inviting. And the parking is much improved with the new layout. Congratulations to CIP, I think you've done a great job.

R Earley, Paradise Point

Read about the Paradise Point project.

Thank you all again for what was an outstanding presentation of concepts presented at the Project Reference Group meeting. Put simply, I can’t think of any improvement to the proposal presented and in my opinion it deals with all of the current shortcomings of the layout, feel and usability of the commercial centre. I would be delighted to be associated with an area that has a layout as proposed and presents itself as something truly different from other centres. It will truly ‘wake-up’ an area which is ready for urban renewal.

There should be wide recognition and appreciation for your contribution to these important city projects, and based on an evaluation of the previous CIP initiatives undertaken in other centres, I feel the proposal for Chevron Island will surpass all of your previous work!

Congratulations again, but even more importantly, a sincere thank you for working as such a great unit with complementary skills to bring quality and lasting improvements to important areas of our city. I do hope your colleagues within council appreciate the quality of the talent they have in your team - no doubt you don’t need references or support, but if I can ever be of any assistance to you I would welcome the opportunity.

D Evans
Thomas Drive, Chevron Island

The meeting (of the Project Reference Group) would have to be the best council meeting I have ever experienced.

A massive congratulation is well deserved to you and your team members in delivering an excellent presentation with fantastic outcomes benefiting the commercial precinct of Chevron Island and in turn, the locals & tourists.

You & your team will be instrumental to the success of the commercial precinct and are most certainly heading in the right direction.

The CIP team had listened to countless comments made by the Project Reference Group along with the sample photographs I had complied and carried out their own investigations to deliver the concept plan that appears to deal with most concerns within the boundaries of regulations, codes & reasoning. The outcome of the meeting was certainly a great relief to me and with very positive potential outcomes.

M Bayliss
Thomas Drive, Chevron Island

I came away from the (Project Reference Group) meeting thrilled that the CIP team had 'nailed' it so well.

I have to say that from the very first meeting with the CIP team, I felt an ease and confidence with how the whole project would continue. The whole group seem to have a good 'fit', like minded and enthusiastic regardless of which 'cap' they were wearing! Congratulations are well deserved by all the council team working on the project.

E Comino
Thomas Drive, Chevron Island

Read about the Thomas Drive Chevron Island project.

These council people are just fantastic. Their enthusiasm and dedication is terrific and other council staff could learn a thing or two from them.

I have the highest regard for these people out of any council staff of any council I have ever worked with in over 20 years in the building and design industry.

J Topping
Tugun Town Centre

Read about the Tugun Town Centre project.

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