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City Plan code templates

The downloadable code templates for City Plan are provided in Microsoft Word format to assist with the preparation of development applications.

These editable templates are extracts of the relevant parts of the City Plan and are a useful support tool when preparing applications to demonstrate either the acceptable outcome(s) or performance outcome(s) have been met for the relevant code(s).

The templates set out the purpose, performance outcomes and acceptable outcomes for each code, with room for applicants to document their response to each acceptable outcome. (There is also space for City officers to record their comments).

City Plan Version 7 - Code templates

City Plan Version 6 - Code templates

While it is not essential that applicants use these templates, the following are benefits of doing so:

  • a thorough review of all relevant provisions is facilitated, ensuring no important provisions are missed
  • there is no need to quote, rework or paraphrase large amounts of City Plan text in the planning report that accompanies the development application
  • as a predictable format is used, the processing by City officers should be more streamlined.

Please note: Do not delete any cells in the code templates, even if there is no requirement to address the outcomes.

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