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How to use the City Plan

The City Plan has been prepared in consultation with the community to guide the development of the Gold Coast.

The City Plan sets out the City of Gold Coast’s intention for the future development in the City Plan area, over the next 20 years.

The City Plan replaces 'Our Living City Gold Coast Planning Scheme 2003'.

For more information, view the City Plan online.

This page will help you understand how the City Plan can assist you to plan your development.

How does the City Plan work?

We use the City Plan as a set of rules to assess your development application.

There are four types of development:

  1. Material change of use – for example, changing the use of a property such as a house to multi-unit dwellings
  2. Reconfiguring a lot – for example, making new lots by subdividing or amalgamating existing lots
  3. Building work – for example, building, repairing, altering or moving a structure
  4. Operational work – for example, earthworks.

What tools are available to help with my development application?

  1. View an electronic version of the City Plan.
  2. Use our interactive mapping tool to view your property, the zone, zone precinct, overlays and conceptual land use maps that apply to your site.
  3. Use PD online to undertake a property enquiry, map search, track a development application or have your say on a development application. 

How to find a property or generate a property report using the interactive mapping tool

Access the City Plan interactive mapping tool online.

How to locate my property

The simplest way to locate your property or suburb is through the search bar. Here you can enter your address, Lot and Plan description, or a suburb and be taken straight to the location.

Alternatively, you can use the ‘Navigation’ tools or your mouse to zoom in or out and move around the city.

Interactive Mapping Tool

How to generate a property report

City Plan property report

To access a basic property report, either search or click on a specific property, which will automatically generate the report. The basic property report states the property’s address, lot and plan, applicable zone/s and if applicable, the zone precinct/s.

To access a detailed property report, click on the hyperlink within the basic property report window. This will automatically generate a detailed property report. The detailed property report also includes hyperlinks to the relevant sections of the City Plan. For example, selecting the zone hyperlink will take you directly to the zone code. 

How do I know if I need to submit a development application?

Depending on the type of development you are proposing, and the location and characteristics of the site, you may need to submit a development application to the City. 

The City Plan includes three categories of development: accepted, assessable and prohibited development. The categories of development are ranked in order of complexity in the table below:

Development category Is approval required?
Accepted No, the City does not regulate this development. It is recommended you consult with a private building certifier.
Accepted development subject to requirements

No, if the proposed development complies with all the required outcomes from the City Plan.

The tables of assessment identify applicable codes (e.g. for the zone, overlays and other development criteria), each of which contains ‘required outcomes’ which cover considerations such as size, boundary clearance, frontage, heights, parking and movement, density, etc.

If accepted development (subject to requirements) does not comply with one of more of the identified required outcomes of the applicable code(s), it becomes assessable development (code assessable).

Assessable development code assessable Yes, you need to apply to the City and we will assess your application against the relevant assessment benchmarks in City Plan. This application will not require public notification.
Assessable development impact assessable Yes, you will need to apply to the City and we will assess your application against the entire City Plan including the Strategic Framework and relevant assessment benchmarks. This application will need public notification (signage on site, notice in paper and letters to neighbours).

To identify the categories of development and categories of assessment of a proposed development, you will need to go to Part 5 'Tables of assessment' of the City Plan. Part 5.3 of the 'Tables of assessment' explains the process for determining categories as well as relevant assessment benchmarks and required outcomes. If you have any further enquiries, you can call us on 07 5582 8708 during business hours and ask to speak to a planner.

While the City aims to help you through the process, you may wish to engage a consultant, planner, surveyor or other appropriately qualified professional for help with your building or development project.

For further assistance, please contact our Planning Enquiries Centre.

Phone: 07 5582 8708


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