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The Gold Coast is a vibrant and attractive city. We are working hard to maintain our enviable lifestyle and ensure our city continues to thrive in a sustainable way.

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Non-tidal development works

This type of application is applicable to the construction of jetties, pontoons and boat ramps within non tidal waters.

Non tidal is taken to mean land (public and freehold) inundated with water. In some cases, it is behind lock and weir structures, for example, Monterey Keys.

In some locations within the waterway system, private property abuts water that is under the control of the City of Gold Coast. Where the abutting property owner wishes to erect or install a pontoon or jetty to service their property, an application to Council of the City of Gold Coast is required. The owner of the land to which the structure attaches or benefits is responsible for the ongoing care and maintenance of the installed structure/works.

Where the structure/works are on or attach to common property within a community title scheme under the control of a Body Corporate, the City needs assurance that the Body Corporate have given permission to the application.

Application - where Council is the assessment manager

This type of application has no status under the Planning Act 2016. It is inundated land under the ownership or control of the City. (It will have a lot on plan description). An application is made on a form available from the City’s website.

Assessment process

The assessment process has two paths:

  1. The applicant needs to enter into an agreement with the City's Property Services section to undertake works on inundated land under the ownership or control of the City. The Property Services section, if in agreement, will issue a letter of consent.
  2. The applicant needs to lodge a non-tidal works consent application to the Operational Works section of the City for approval. Operational Works will assesses the application to ensure it complies with general siting requirements and is contained within the water allocation area and is fit for purpose before issuing a consent.

Refer to the Frequently asked questions below for more information about application requirements.

Application within the resorts

Where the land, the subject of the application, is private land inundated with non-tidal water within an integrated resort, the application and assessment process is as follows:

In accordance with the requirements of the Sanctuary Cove Resort Act, the City does not assess the construction of non-tidal works on private inundated land within the resort or works on land along the Coomera River abutting the resort. Approval is to be sought from the relevant body corporate, a building certifier or the relevant State Government Department.

In accordance with the Integrated Resort Act, the City does not assess the construction of non-tidal works on private inundated land within Oyster Cove Resort or Hope Island Resort. Approval is to be sought from the relevant Body Corporate and a building certifier.

Refer to the forms and applications section below for links to the forms and to apply online.

For application fees see our register of fees and charges.

Related information

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  • What are the documentation requirements for a non-tidal works application?

    A copy of the Certificate of Title of the subject land or other satisfactory proof of ownership, or a copy of the lease document of the subject land.

    Non-tidal Works application
    Site plan: A3 size in PDF format showing location of the works dimensioned in relation to the real property boundaries of the land at the works, the location of adjacent works (if any) to scale, and the real property description of the land.

    Engineering plans
    A3 size in PDF format showing dimensions, full constructional details, reduced level of the revetment wall and maintained water level in the City of Gold Coast (the City) controlled lakes to scale, design criteria and parameters including live loads, wind load, flood levels, stream flow velocity design loading, maximum size specifications of vessel to use the structure, etc.

    The anchoring connection of the structure must be designed independent of the revetment wall so there will be no additional loading on the wall that would negatively impact upon its structural integrity. The plans must include the note:

    • The proposed structure and its fixtures do not impose any additional loads on the existing revetment wall.
    • All plans must include the required design and safety criteria and be certified by a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ), bearing an original signature.
  • What are the requirements for proposed boat ramps?

    Ramp design must meet the minimum scour protection specifications as detailed on the City standard drawing number 05-04-005. Independently drafted and submitted plans must include and indicate all design criteria as specified on the City standard drawing number 05-04-005. If the City standard drawings are to be used as application plans submitted for consideration, the “Details to be Completed” table must be completed in full for all boat ramp applications.

  • What should I do if the structure is occupying or traversing City owned or maintained reserves and freehold land?

    A lease will be required for structures occupying or traversing City owned or maintained reserves and freehold land.

    An application will be required to the City of Gold Coast’s Property Unit for the establishment of a lease. Please contact City of Gold Coast on 1300 465 326 for further details.


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