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Plumbing and drainage

City of Gold Coast regulates and assesses residential and commercial plumbing and drainage to ensure compliance with legislation and minimise health and safety risk.

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On-site sewerage facilities

On-site sewerage facilities (OSSF) consist of wastewater systems situated within property boundaries that treat the sewerage generated from the property, and the land application area of the treated effluent. OSSF include all types of wastewater treatment and land application, such as septic tanks, aerated wastewater treatment systems, biofilter systems, composting toilets, and activated sludge systems. These systems are required in areas not serviced by the City's sewerage infrastructure.

Effective on-site treatment and land application achieves:

  • protection of public health and safety
  • maintenance and enhancement of environmental quality
  • maintenance and enhancement of community amenity.

The City performs regulatory functions regarding new installations of OSSF, additions to existing systems, effluent run-off complaints, licensed service persons, site and soil evaluators, and auditing and monitoring.

Concurrence report submission for on-site sewerage facilities

When carrying out building work in a non-sewered area (on-site sewerage facility), and the work involves adding one or more bedrooms, you must submit a concurrency report to City of Gold Coast demonstrating the existing on-site sewerage facility can cope with the additional load generated by the extra bedroom (or bedrooms).

For more information see Planning Regulation 2017, Schedule 9, Table 11.

This report must be compiled by a site and soil evaluator who holds the appropriate Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) licence. For further details contact QBCC.

You can submit your concurrence report online using the form below.

Risk and benefits

Poorly operated and maintained facilities can pose a high risk to public health and have the potential to create extensive environmental harm. However, owners of properly maintained systems benefit from more efficient systems with a longer life, increased property values, reduced health risk, and improved environmental quality.


Compliance with the Plumbing & Drainage Act 2018, Queensland Plumbing & Wastewater Code, AS/NZS 1546, AS/NZS 1547, Local Law No. 15.1, and the City's policies and guidelines is required to ensure that the systems meet operating standards.

Council has introduced Local Law No. 15.1 (On-site Sewerage Facilities) and its subordinate legislation which contains the approval process, standards, monitoring and enforcement provisions. It is intended to regulate the operation and servicing of all on-site facilities, and provide for an owner education program.


For any information on greywater systems, please refer to the Department of Housing and Public Works' website.

Further information

For further information about on-site sewerage facilities, please refer to the Care and maintenance of septic systems page or contact our OSSF Officer:

Phone: 07 5667 5977
Fax: 07 5582 8870

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