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Planning and building

The Gold Coast is a vibrant and attractive city. We are working hard to maintain our enviable lifestyle and ensure our city continues to thrive in a sustainable way.

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A shed is a non-habitable Class 10a building used in conjunction with a residential use on the same site. Under the City Plan, a shed is subject to the same assessment process as a dwelling house.

If your proposed shed will be associated with a non-residential use, such as a warehouse or farm, contact the Planning Enquiries Centre on 07 5582 8708 or email:

Garden or domestic storage sheds

When building a garden shed the below factors need to be taken into account:

  • Where a garden or domestic storage shed is ancillary to a detached residential dwelling house on the same site, is not within a setback area (but not a front or waterfront setback clearance area) and is less than 10m2 in area, it would be exempt from requiring building approval from the City of Gold Coast.
  • Should a garden or domestic storage shed be proposed within a setback area but remain under 10m2 in floor area, an application would be required.
  • Placement of the garden or domestic storage shed should include a minimum 600 millimetre setback from a side boundary or fence and the shed slab be extended to the property boundary so as to prevent the growth of weeds.
  • Further, stormwater from the roof of the garden or domestic storage shed should be discharged into the stormwater drainage system for the main dwelling house.
  • Only one garden shed per allotment is permitted without a Referral Agency Assessment Application being endorsed by the City as a Referral Agency.
  • If your shed does not meet the above criteria it may require the City as a Referral Agency and a Building approval for Building Work by a private building certifier.

Do I require a building approval?

If you are building a shed you will need a building approval. Building approvals can be obtained by contacting a private certifier. Please see the private building certifier page for further information.

Do I require the City as a referral agency?

The design and siting of buildings and structures within the City of Gold Coast area is regulated by a combination of the City Plan and the siting requirements of part 3 of the Building Act 1975; therefore, you may require the City as a referral agency for design and siting matters.

Please refer to the Referral Agency Assessment application page for further information.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have any further enquiries, please call our Planning Enquiries Centre on 07 5582 8708 or email:

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