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Temporary ground anchors

Interference with a road for the installation of temporary ground anchors

This type of application is associated with the proposed installation of temporary ground anchors used to anchor shoring when deep excavation works are undertaken for basements and the like. The only area of jurisdiction for City of Gold Coast is land under its ownership or control which includes the road reserve.

There is a requirement to provide a bond of $5000 per anchor to a maximum value of $150,000 to ensure bonds are removed and for reinstatement of any damage caused to the road reserve and/or services as a result of works. (The bond amount to be paid will be a condition of the permit when issued).

Information to be included with an application

The following information must be included with the application:

  • denote on plan the location, size, material and depth of all underground services situated adjacent to the proposed ground anchor location
  • denote on plan the location, depth, angle of inclination and length of the proposed ground anchors
  • denote on plan and/or provide details of the type, strength and manufacturer's details of the ground anchors as applicable to the rod, wire, screw and grouting
  • notate on plan that no ground anchors are permitted within the top three (3) metres of the road reserve as measured from the road surface at the site boundary line. The City may increase or decrease this depth depending on the details of adjacent services or structures.
  • notate on plan that all ground anchors must have a minimum clearance of one (1) metre from any adjacent underground service
  • plan/s must be signed by a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) and must be accompanied by a design and inspection intent certificate signed by an RPEQ.
  • a work method statement demonstrating the details in which ground anchors are to be installed and tendons removed
  • written consent from all relevant service authorities in close proximity (within two metres) to the proposed ground anchors
  • a copy of a current public liability insurance policy of not less than $20,000,000.

Applicants must comply with the mandatory requirements under the relevant legislation to provide sufficient and correct information for the City to assess an application or request. In the event that insufficient or incorrect information is lodged, your application/request will not be processed in accordance with relevant legislation.

Where a City owned or maintained service (e.g. water, sewer) is required to be relocated as a consequence of the installation of ground anchors, an Operational Works (minor works) application and approval must be obtained prior to any approval for the installation of ground anchors being issued.

Refer to the forms and applications section below for links to the forms.

For application fees, see our Register of fees and charges.

Further information

  • The City will not issue a permit for permanent anchors. Tendon/s of any ground anchors must be removed and cannot be considered permanent.
  • The installation of any ground anchors into any adjacent private property will require the approval of the relevant property owner and is not assessed or approved by the City.

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