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City of Gold Coast implements projects and strategies to strengthen the city's economy, protect our environment and improve services and facilities for our residents, businesses and visitors. You can find specific projects or strategies on this page by searching for specific keywords or searching by category in the fields shown.

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Water, sewerage & stormwater

Sewer main upgrade

The City will be constructing a new sewer main from pump station B20 under its infrastructure renewal program.

Water Walls - urban artwork on Water and Waste assets

Learn about our project aimed at improving the appeal of key assets, reducing vandalism caused by graffiti and showcasing local art.

Mountain View Avenue, Miami stormwater drainage upgrade

Stormwater drainage improvement works are underway on Mountain View Avenue and in Ernie Tebb Park at Miami.

Construction of new district metered area flow meters at various locations

The City will be constructing a new supply zone water meter and associated concrete pit structure in various areas.

Stormwater drainage upgrades Thrower Drive, Currumbin

Stormwater infrastructure is being upgraded across the city to help reduce local flooding and increase public safety.

Gravity sewer relining

Sewer maintenance work will be undertaken throughout the Gold Coast (City) as part of the infrastructure renewal program which will include relining of sewerage pipelines at multiple sites.

Reservoir supply valve replacement

Scheduled construction work will be undertaken by the City of Gold Coast to replace the supply valves in the City’s water supply network. The construction work will take place in multiple locations throughout July 2019 and up until January 2020.

Stormwater management projects

To meet the needs of the environment and our growing community, stormwater drainage systems must be designed as a total solution. Find out about stormwater management projects being conducted by City of Gold Coast to improve our stormwater infrastructure.

Gravity Sewer Inspection Program

Gravity sewer inspection program.

Reservoir refurbishment

The reservoir refurbishment program is conducted annually by the City to ensure continuing function of our reservoirs in providing safe drinking water.

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