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Report a problem - City parks and beaches

City maintenance officers spend each day fixing footpaths and other City assets (such as playground equipment, park benches and tables, lights, taps and toilets), tending parks, cleaning barbecues and amenity blocks, and generally ensuring that our city is kept in tip top shape.

If you see a City asset that needs repairing, refilling or is in need of a clean or tidy-up, please select from the list below to report your problem online.

Please note: If the problem could pose a risk to public safety, please call us as soon as possible on 07 5667 5974.

For issues related to trees in parks, please visit out Report a problem - trees, plants and vegetation page.

Maintenance of facilities and equipment

For urgent maintenance or repairs, where public safety is at risk, please call us as soon as possible on 07 5667 5974.

For all other problems, please complete our online form below to request City maintenance officers to carry out maintenance or repairs of facilities and equipment in parks and sports playing fields, including the following:

  • barbeques
  • beach showers
  • bench/seat
  • bollards/fencing
  • dog bag dispenser refills
  • exercise equipment
  • lights
  • park furniture
  • parks (general)
  • playground equipment
  • shade sails
  • shade sail structures
  • sports playing fields (general)
  • tables
  • taps
  • toilets

Report maintenance or repairs needed

Alternatively, please call us on 07 5667 5974.

Animal signage and equipment

Please use the form below to request any of the following:

  • Off-leash or agility equipment maintenance
  • Animal signage maintenance

Report maintenance needed for animal signage and equipment

Alternatively, please call us on 07 5667 5974.

Parks, sports playing fields and beaches - lighting

To report a broken light or request a new light please complete our online form below.

Report lighting issues

Alternatively, please call us on 07 5667 5974.

Cleaning required (e.g. BBQs, toilet blocks, etc.)

City cleaning operates 24/7, providing cleaning services in a reliable, quick and cost efficient manner across the Gold Coast to help keep our city looking beautiful. Our officers ensure public facilities and barbecues in our high usage parks and foreshores are cleaned daily. If you notice a public facility or barbecue in need of cleaning, please let us know by completing our online form below.

Report cleaning required

Alternatively, please call us on 07 5667 5974.


Public rubbish bins at beaches, parks and streets that require emptying or repairing can be reported by completing our online form below.

Report rubbish and litter

Alternatively, please call us on 07 5667 5974.

Grass and weeds

Parks: City parks maintenance officers mow the City’s parks and median strips on a rotating roster. Weather conditions can sometimes cause faster growth than normal. If you have a concern about overgrown grass or weeds on City land and it could cause a health or safety impact (for example vermin or snakes), please complete our online form below.

Report overgrown grass or weeds

Alternatively, please call us on 07 5667 5974 to make your request.

Nature strips: The City does not mow grassed footpaths and nature strips in front of private, commercial or industrial property. This is the responsibility of the residents. You may apply in writing to have the City maintain your nature strip if you are unable to due to financial or medical reasons. For information on how to apply, please see our Nature strip and road verge mowing page.

Dangerous or dilapidated fencing (adjoining City land)

Use the online form below to report dangerous or dilapidated fencing bordering public land.

Report dangerous or dilapidated fencing

Fitness groups in parks

In accordance with Subordinate Local Law No. 9.1 (Parks and Reserves) 2008, Commercial fitness providers now require a permit to operate within our City parks.

Please see our Commercial fitness training in City parks page for more information about who needs to apply for permit and the general permit conditions.

Commercial fitness activities are prohibited in some parks, which are listed on our Excluded park register.

To report illegal fitness groups in City parks, please use the online form below.

Report illegal fitness groups in parks

Illegal camping

It is illegal to sleep overnight in a public place within the City including in a tent, motor vehicle or otherwise. It is also illegal to set up tents or caravans (and the like), on private property such as vacant land, private lawns or commercial premises, for the purpose of sleeping overnight. However, this excludes the temporary erection of a tent on premises, at an occupied dwelling, for the sole purpose of allowing a child to camp overnight in the tent.

To report illegal camping, please use the online form below.

Report illegal camping

Illegal mooring or use of a jetty / boat ramp / pontoon

To report illegal mooring or use of City jetties, pontoons or boat ramps, please use the online form below.

Report illegal use of jetties, pontoons or boat ramps

Motorbikes in parks and reserves

It is illegal to ride motorbikes or drive other vehicles in all Gold Coast parks and reserves.

Find more information, including who to report such activity to, on our Motorbikes in parks and reserves page.

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