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Report a problem - Development compliance

City of Gold Coast is committed to maintaining a safe community. To help us care for our community we need your help and feedback. If you observe instances of illegal building work, dilapidated/ dangerous building work, illegal use of premises (including use as a party house), illegal land fill, or any other development issues that impact the community, please report it.

Different types of approvals are needed for different types of projects. For information about common types of building and plumbing works and the associated approval requirements, visit our Building and plumbing page.

To see if a development approval has been issued for particular works on a property, use our PD Online service. This is a self-help planning and development tool where you can access basic property information, and find information about development applications by property or by application number.

PD Online can assist you with the following:

  • property enquiry
  • development application tracking
  • map search
  • City Plan information.

Please note, any approvals prior to 2006 cannot be accessed via PD Online.

Refer to the sections below for more information about reporting problems associated with planning and building compliance.

Change to ground level/earthworks

Approvals are required for the undertaking of earthworks on residential, commercial or industrial land, where they are not considered to be incidental to building works. For more information about these types of works, please visit our Change to ground level page.

Use the online form below to report illegal change to ground level/ earthworks.

Report illegal change to ground level/earthworks

Construction noise

The City restricts the hours for construction on some development sites. For more information about those restrictions or to lodge a complaint, visit Report a problem - noise nuisance.

Permits are also required to carry out work outside of normal hours. For more information please visit After hours building and delivery work.

Dangerous/dilapidated building works/structures

All buildings and structures need to be regularly maintained to prevent degradation, maintain structural adequacy, reduce risk of collapse and provide adequate safety to the occupiers. It is the responsibility of the owner of a building or structure to maintain it.

General maintenance or minor items concerns should be directed to the owner of the building or structure.

If a building or structure is dangerous (public safety is affected) or dilapidated (in a state of disrepair or ruin), the City may take action to have the owner of the building or structure repair or rectify it.

Refer to the Workplace Health Safety Queensland website for more information regarding safety on building sites and asbestos, or contact them by phone on 1300 362 128.

Use the form below to report dangerous or dilapidated building works or structures.

Report dangerous or dilapidated building works/structures

Erosion or sediment from building works

If you are experiencing problems resulting from erosion or sediment from building works, please complete our online form below.

For more information about best practice for erosion and sediment control, please refer to Erosion and sediment control.

Report erosion or sediment from building works

Illegal building works and structures

Before reporting alleged illegal building works, it's important to note that not all building works require approval. For more information, please refer to Building works that do not require approval.

Use the online form below to report illegal works and structures.

Report illegal building works and structures

Plumbing and drainage works

Approvals are required to carry out a range of plumbing and drainage works.

For more details about the types of works that are classified as notifiable works (form 4), visit the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) website.

Use the online form below to report issues with plumbing and drainage works.

Report issues with plumbing and drainage works

Illegal use of premises

There are some restrictions which apply to certain uses of premises. To determine if approvals are required for a particular use of a property, visit our Do I need a development approval page.

Use the online form below to report an illegal use of a premises.

Report illegal use of premises

Non-compliant driveways/vehicle cross-overs (VXOs)

City of Gold Coast has an assessment and approval process that ensures driveway and vehicular crossings are effectively regulated and meet City standards.

For more information about the difference between a driveway and vehicular crossing and to determine the required level of assessment required, visit Driveways and vehicular crossings.

Use our online form below to report a non-compliance driveway or vehicular crossing.

Report a non-compliant driveway or vehicular cross-over

Non-compliant pool fencing

It is the responsibility of property owners to ensure that pool barriers are compliant and meet State government pool safety laws introduced in 2009. For more information, visit the Queensland government's Pool safety page.

If you would like to report non-compliant swimming pool fencing, please complete our online form below.

Report a non-compliant pool fence

Party houses

For further information about State government laws introduced in October 2014 to regulate residential premises being used as party houses, refer to the City Plan and the Temporary Local Planning Instrument No. 4 (Party houses) 2018.

If you believe that someone is conducting an illegal business or one which does not comply with the conditions of its approval, please complete our online form below.

Report an illegal party house

Stormwater drains (private property)

If you are affected by stormwater run-off from a neighbouring private property, talk to the person responsible and try to achieve a solution. Give them time to do something about it.

If you can’t reach a solution, you can use the form below to report stormwater run-off issues from a neighbouring property. Alternatively, you can contact the Dispute Resolution Centre.

Report stormwater run-off

Related information

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  • What happens when a planning or building complaint is received?

    1. Compliance officers research all files associated with the premises in question.
    2. Compliance officers carry out an investigation/inspection of the premises. If the investigation/inspection reveals a breach of the relevant legislation, a notice and/or fine may be issued or where appropriate, legal action may be instigated.

    Please note: Making a complaint may result in you being summoned to appear in court as a witness, if the City needs to instigate legal action to resolve the issue.

  • Will I be updated on the progress of my request?

    If a complaint investigation finds no breach, we may advise you that based on information held by the City, no further action is required. We will not issue updates during the investigation, however you may request an update on your complaint at any time. Please allow at least 30 business days from your original request to enable a reasonable amount of time to investigate the matter.

    On receipt of a written request, the City may provide the following types of information:

    • the actions we have taken to investigate a complaint matter (for example, City officers have visited the property)
    • any enforcement action which has been or is being taken (for example, a fine, notice or other correspondence has been issued, resolution of the matter is now subject to legal proceedings)
    • the outcome of the investigation.

    Please note: Please ensure that you include your name, address and the customer request number that you received in reply to your original request.


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