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Report a problem – Trees, plants and vegetation

Prior to undertaking vegetation clearing works, landowners are advised to review any state and federal government vegetation clearing requirements.

Dividing fences and neighbour disputes

Boundary fences are the subject of State legislation, under the Neighbourhood Disputes (Dividing Fences and Trees) Act 2011, which deals with constructing and repairing fences that divide adjoining land.

For more information, visit the Queensland Government website.

Neighbour disputes regarding trees are not mediated by the City. For more information on these types of disputes, please see our Advice on civil disputes involving vegetation and trees page.

Trees on public land requiring maintenance (dead, diseased or fallen)

The City controls tree planting and maintenance in road side nature strips, public reserves, parks and gardens. If you notice a tree on public City-controlled land that is dead, diseased, or has fallen, please complete our online form below to arrange for the tree to be inspected.

If you believe the tree could pose a risk to public safety, please call us as soon as possible on 07 5667 5974.

Please note:

  • Trees on City land will not be pruned or removed for shading of solar panels, clogging gutters, or dropping leaves, branches, seeds, as this is a natural feature of the tree.
  • If the tree on City land is overhanging private property, the Neighbourhood Disputes (Dividing Fences and Trees) Act 2011 states that is it the responsibility of property owners to prune any branches back to the fence line. This law applies to trees located on public open space and road reserves. Property owners can prune the trees themselves, or by hiring a private contractor. The City will investigate if the tree is sick, dying, diseased, has deadwood, or is causing structural damage.
  • If the tree is within three metres of an overhead phone line, please call Telstra on 13 22 55 to arrange for maintenance.
  • If the tree is within three metres of overhead power lines, please call Energex on 13 12 53 to arrange for maintenance.
  • For termite control on public property (such as parks) use our online Report a problem - Animals form to report an issue with pest insects.

For more information about tree removal on public land, visit our Tree removal - public land page.

For non-urgent concerns about trees on public City-controlled land, please complete our online form below.

If you wish to request the removal of a tree on public land, do not complete our online 'Report a problem' form; instead please complete the Application for tree removal on public land below.

Use the online form below to report trees on public land which require maintenance (i.e. they are dead, diseased or fallen).

Report trees on public land which require maintenance

Alternatively, please call us on 07 5667 5974.

Unapproved tree removal (tree breach) or wilful damage

The City is responsible for tree preservation on private and public lands within the Gold Coast. Tree and vegetation removal on public land (including road reserves) can only be performed by the City or its contractors. For more information on removing trees from City land, please see our Tree removal - public land page, or for private land see our Tree removal - private land page.

If a land owner wishes to damage any protected vegetation on their property, an application submission may be required first. There are a number of checks that need to be conducted in regards to the size, condition and location of the tree before any vegetation can be removed.

The Do I need to lodge an application for the removal of vegetation on my property? checklist contains questions about the vegetation to determine if it can be removed without an application or if an application is required.

If you wish to report a tree breach on private or public property, please complete our report a problem online form below. Please provide as much information as possible, including; the exact location, the date and time this occurred, why you believe the tree removal is illegal, how far the trees are from any City approved structures, the type of equipment being used to remove the trees, and any identifiable signage on the equipment or vehicles at the location.

If you notice anyone causing wilful damage to a tree, please complete our online form below, making sure you have as much information as possible to help our local law officers with their investigation. Useful information would include the exact location and any landmarks, what type of damage has been done and details of the person committing the damage, if available.

If the tree damage is associated with a development, please see the section below for Tree clearing (Associated with a development).

Report unapproved tree removal

You will also be asked for this information if you choose to make your complaint by calling us on 07 5667 5991.

Illegal tree clearing (associated with a development)

Even if a development approval is in place for particular works on a property, separate tree clearing approval may also be required. Visit our Tree removal page to find out more about when approvals are required for tree clearing on private and public land.

You can also visit PD online to view details of any development approvals associated with a property.

Use the online form below to report illegal tree clearing associated with a development.

Report illegal tree clearing

Alternatively, you can call us on 07 5667 5991.

Overgrown land or unkempt property

It is the responsibility of individual land owners to keep their land clear of weeds and undergrowth. For more information about declared pest plants and managing vegetation on your property, please see our Overgrown land and declared pest plants page.

To make a report about private property that has become overgrown and represents a danger to the public, please complete our online form below.

Report an overgrown or unkempt property

Alternatively, you can call us on 07 5667 5991.

Pest plants (environmental weeds and invasive plants)

The City of Gold Coast is committed to partnering with stakeholders to help reduce impacts from pest plants. Our City’s Pest Management Plan applies to all land and waterways within the City's boundaries and targets the pest species listed in various control classes under the Biosecurity Act 2014.

The City is currently targeting the following invasive plants as a high priority for control. We urge residents to play their part in helping to manage pest species by reporting sightings of these invasive plants. Please follow the links below before submitting your report if you are unsure of your sightings.

Help us manage the number of pest weeds and plants in our city by reporting any sightings using our online form below. Other pest plants can also be reported using this online form.

Priority for management of pest plants (environmental weeds and invasive plants) will be determined based on existing work programs, severity of the infestation, likelihood of control and the risk posed by the pest.

Report environmental weeds and invasive plants

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