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Scientific Laboratory Services resources

Find a downloadable brochure on our Scientific Services laboratory, plus fact sheets about the testing conducted by this team, by selecting from the drop-down headings below.

Scientific laboratory services brochure

This brochure provides information on water testing services available to business and industry on the Gold Coast. The team at Scientific Services provides laboratory consultation services and advice on water quality and environmental issues, and plans and conducts investigations into environmental incidents including chemicals, fuels and other pollutants into aquatic environments.

Scientific laboratory services (PDF 1.2mb)

Element testing

Scientific Services carries out testing of all the common metals found in water and solids, including those associated with water pipes and plumbing problems, salinity, hardness, taste and odour, leachates from landfill and agriculture, metal contamination from mining, and coal seam gas operations.

Element testing data sheet (PDF 325kb)

Microbiological testing

Scientific Services provides a sampling, testing, and monitoring service to protect our customers from the common bacterial, viral, and protozoan pathogenic agents in water.

Microbiological testing data sheet (PDF 426kb)

Nutrients and organic compound testing

Nutrient analysis of saline and fresh waters is available to determine water quality for reuse, discharge and recreational purposes.

Testing and analysis of waters is available for the most common organic compounds while an analytical service is available for other compounds.

Nutrients and organic compound testing data sheet (PDF 358kb)

Physical testing

Scientific Services performs a series of tests to determine the values of common physical parameters used to characterise water quality for potable (drinking), waste, and process waters.

Physical testing data sheet (PDF 539kb)

Laboratory testing terms and conditions

The terms and conditions for tests run via the Scientific Services laboratory.

Laboratory testing terms and conditions (PDF 113kb)

Uncertainty of a measurement

All laboratory measurements are subject to some level of uncertainty. This is calculated and reported as an estimated uncertainty of measurement (UM).

See the below fact sheet for more information about what this means for your results.

Uncertainty of a measurement (PDF 206kb).

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