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Seawall construction – Pacific Parade, Tugun

Seawall construction works

Commencing: August 2020
Completion: March 2021 (weather permitting)
Cost: $2.05 million

Works are underway to complete a new section of seawall on Pacific Parade in Tugun, between Wagawn Street and Kropp Park. The 200-metre section of seawall will improve resilience to coastal erosion during storms.

Construction details

Click to enlargeWagawn Street, Tugun seawall construction area map

Wagawn Street, Tugun seawall
construction area map

  • Sand will be excavated and large boulders will be used to construct the seawall, which will then be reburied with sand.
  • The beach work zone will be cordoned off for safety.
  • Heavy machinery and trucks will be used on the beach.
  • Dunes will be replanted on completion of the works.
  • The seawall construction will require the renewal of two platforms:
    • The platform opposite 640 Pacific Parade (the largest) will be removed and relocated adjacent to Kropp Park to be closer to amenities and parking.
    • The smaller viewing platform with stairs at the end of Wagawn Street will be relocated for safety and improved accessibility.
  • Works will also include an upgrade of the existing footpath along Pacific Parade to the Oceanway standard design. The upgrade will begin at Kropp Park and tie in to the existing path to the south of the site.

Community benefits

  • Improved resilience to coastal erosion
  • Greater protection for buildings, infrastructure and properties along the beachfront
  • Enhanced beach user experience with upgraded platforms, access ways and amenities
  • Upgrades to the footpath for increased safety and capacity

Works will be completed Monday to Friday, 7am to 4pm. We are working to minimise disruptions. However, temporary traffic control measures will be in place to provide safe access for residents, pedestrians, trucks and machinery.

Beach access points will be closed temporarily but alternative accesses are available north of Kropp Park and south of Wagawn Street along Pacific Parade.

These seawall works are part of our ongoing investment to maintain our beaches and supports our Ocean Beaches Strategy 2013–2023.

More information

For more information contact the Project Manager on 07 5667 3857.

Extent of works

Download the Wagawn Street, Tugun seawall construction area map (PDF 64kb)

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