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Southport stories

In response to a call for stories from the community to be used in the Southport Heritage Walk, a rich collection of material was received. Stories came in different forms – some by email, some written by hand, with most written on the tear off section of special postcards produced for the event. The material was sorted, but not edited, so that the stories retained the freshness and style of each author, along with their spelling and grammar. 

Each story was treated like the primary source historical material it is, so that future researchers and general readers can apply their own interpretations to the material they read. In two cases, a line has been added to clarify information. This is marked and remains obvious to the reader.

We would like to thank each person for sharing their stories and contributing to the many voices of Southport.

Community tales submitted for the Southport Heritage Walk:

Full version of Southport stories (PDF 9.4mb) or

Part 1 - Pages 1 to 11 (PDF 2.5mb)

Part 2 - Pages 12 to 23 (PDF 1.5mb)

Part 3 - Pages 24 to 35 (PDF 1mb)

Part 4 - Pages 36 to 47 (PDF 1.5mb)

Part 5 - Pages 48 to 59 (PDF 1.5mb)

Part 6 - Pages 60 to 71 (PDF 1.1mb)

Part 7 - Pages 72 to 83 (PDF 982kb)

Part 8 - Pages 84 to 86 (PDF 204kb)

Vintage art work of Southport

Gladys Fedrick was born in Guyra, New South Wales on 27 November 1921 and came to Southport in 1950. Throughout her life, Gladys has had a love of water colour and a love of history.

The collection of paintings of Southport depicted in the document below were completed in 2008. There are 23 paintings in this collection. The text accompanying the paintings was also written by Gladys, drawing on John Elliot’s book Southport & Surfers Paradise, and her own scrapbooks full of cuttings of events collected over the years.

Early Southport - Gladys Fedrick's historical impressions (PDF 380kb)

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