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Springbrook Cableway pre-feasibility assessment

The Gold Coast has a network of natural assets that are essential to our lifestyle and reputation as a tourism destination. Increasing the diversity of nature-based experiences in the hinterland would create more opportunities for people to connect with the natural environment and have the potential to boost the local economy and support long term job creation.

The Springbrook plateau offers impressive views to the surrounding landscape, waterfalls and a selection of walks into the edge of the Springbrook National Park. In recognition of its geological history, evolutionary significance and nature conservation values, 2400 hectares of Springbrook National Park was made part of the World Heritage listed Gondwana Rainforests of Australia.

A cableway to Springbrook may offer a unique experience of this environment and showcase the natural and cultural values of the area in an equitable and accessible way. However, it would need to benefit the Gold Coast economy and be delivered and operated in a commercially and ecologically sustainable manner.

Project objectives

The objective of the Pre-Feasibility Assessment is to assess the merits of a cableway to Springbrook. It will investigate whether there is an economic need for a cableway to Springbrook and identify what the likely benefits might be.

It is not assumed that a cableway to Springbrook has sufficient merit to progress. However, if it was to be progressed it must meet the following objectives:

  • provide a best practice ecotourism experience for visitors while ensuring compatibility with the ecological and cultural values of the location
  • boost the local economy, strengthen the economic base of the Gold Coast and support long-term job creation
  • enhance the Gold Coast’s reputation as a leading tourist destination
  • provide long-term sustainable economic development opportunities for Traditional Owners.

Any ecotourism development in the Springbrook area and Springbrook National Park would need to be a contributor and a partner in the conservation of the surrounding environment and align with Queensland State Government ecotourism investment framework and guidelines.

It is essential that if there is an identified need for a cableway, the ecotourism development would:

  • be compatible with the natural and cultural values of the National Park
  • be designed to fit within the character of the National Park
  • have minimised its footprint on the site
  • contribute to protecting and positively enhancing the National Park
  • be commercially sustainable.

Area of investigation

The possible locations for stations and alignment of the route have not been defined and are subject to technical and economic investigations.

To provide context for the pre-feasibility assessment, the following assumptions have been made:

  • a base station would be best established with access off lower Gold Coast-Springbrook Road
  • good access between the destination station and Purling Brook Falls
  • route options that preference land owned or controlled by the State, Seqwater and the City of Gold Coast
  • the general route would include National Park.


Late April 2020 – October 2020.

Next steps

The outcomes of the assessment will be presented to Council for their consideration of a cableway to Springbrook.

Project enquiries

The Project Team
Phone: 07 5581 7747

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