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Swimming pools

City of Gold Coast regulates swimming pools to ensure they are operated and maintained to an appropriate level that reduces risks to public health and safety. The role of the City is to monitor the standard of operations and provide compliance requirements that assist in providing a hygienic and safe swimming environment.

Applying for a new swimming pool licence

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Is a licence required?

A licence is required for swimming pools that are used for a commercial purpose or that are located on residential premises where the pool is used for greater than two dwelling units. Examples of pools that require a licence are as follows:

  • aquatic centres
  • learn to swim pools
  • gym and health centre pools
  • holiday accommodation pools
  • club pools
  • private school pools
  • swimming pools under a body corporate of a group subdivision scheme (where there are three or more dwellings)
  • hydrotherapy pools (including flotation therapy pools, recovery pools).

A licence is not required for State school swimming pools, City of Gold Coast pools or a swimming pool at single or two residential dwellings.

How to apply

Before submitting your application, you should ensure the site has the appropriate development approval.

Once this has been confirmed, complete and submit a swimming pool licence application form. To avoid delays in processing your application, please ensure the following supporting information is attached to your application.

  • incident management policy
  • details of additional swimming pools/spas at the complex (if applicable)
  • alternative sanitiser product/manufacturer information (if applicable).

No fees are required for this application.

Find a link to the swimming pool licence application form below.

Taking over an existing swimming pool

Researching the business

Prior to taking over an existing business you may wish to apply for a Health licence search to confirm there is a current approval and to ensure the current owner is complying with licence conditions.

Find a link to the Swimming pool licence application and Search Request forms below.

Transfer of swimming pool licence

If you are taking over an existing swimming pool, the current licence holder may apply to transfer the licence. The land owner must be aware of the application and have granted their consent. No fees apply.

Find a link to the swimming pool licence amendment application form below.

Information for existing businesses

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Amendments to a swimming pool licence

For changes to your business or contact information, modifying your operation or requesting a change to conditions of approval, you will need to submit an amendment application. No fees apply.

Find a link to the Swimming pool licence amendment application form below.

Licence renewal

Swimming pool licences are renewed annually and are valid until 31 August each year. No fees apply for licence renewal.

Lost or damaged licence or documentation

You may apply for a replacement of your licence or associated documentation. Please note that fees apply for this request and are detailed on the application form.

Find a link to the Swimming pool licence - replacement approval documentation application form below.

How to comply

It is the responsibility of you and your staff to ensure compliance with all requirements of the relevant legislation, in particular with regards to safe water quality and safety/signage in and around your pool.

Find out more about compliance requirements for swimming pools.


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