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Tactical urbanism

A new aspect of urban renewal and place making recently introduced to the city is tactical urbanism, which will allow small scale, incremental improvements at low cost.

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Tactical urbanism - Mermaid Beach


There is a diverse mix of creative and innovative businesses operating along the stretch of Gold Coast Highway between Glenelg Avenue and Sportsman Avenue in Mermaid Beach. Structural upgrades to the pavement are part of a long term plan, however the appearance and amenity of the precinct can be improved as a short term measure.

The first stage of works will focus on the area between Bondi Avenue and Sportsman Avenue, where the old concrete pavement is cracked and stained from years of use.

Design information

  • Paint concrete with an interesting pattern
  • Install street trees to provide shade and visual interest from Gold Coast Highway
  • Install groundcovers to add colour and create interest
  • Incorporate materials and finishes that are similar to adjacent businesses
  • Provide seating nodes
  • Project information.

Project information

Design: City Place Making

Build/installation: Building Maintenance

Cost: $30,000

Download and view details and images of the concept design for planter boxes and bench seats in Mermaid Beach.

Tactical urbanism - Mermaid Beach concept design (PDF 632kb)

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