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Tactical urbanism

A new aspect of urban renewal and place making recently introduced to the city is tactical urbanism, which will allow small scale, incremental improvements at low cost.

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Tactical urbanism - Palm Beach Avenue deck

Transforming car spaces to people places


In response to narrow footpaths and lack of community space in the centre, a quick and simple solution to improving opportunities to sit and relax was needed. Timber decking was constructed off-site and installed as a fast paced, creative approach to temporarily reclaiming some roadway area for public space.


The deck has been designed to provide an area of public open space for general use by the community, it is not leased out to private businesses for alfresco seating.

The deck is constructed of mixed hardwood timber and treated pine on a structural steel frame. Hanging pot plants, boxed seating, balustrading, wire trace, and synthetic turf combine to create a relaxed eclectic space that is in keeping with the neighbourhood and well received by the local community.

Download and view the Palm Beach Avenue Deck design concept. (PDF 735kb)

Project information

Design: City Place Making.

Build/installation: Building Maintenance.

Cost: $30,000.

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