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Tactical urbanism

A new aspect of urban renewal and place making recently introduced to the city is tactical urbanism, which will allow small scale, incremental improvements at low cost.

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Tactical urbanism - Paradise Point, Falkinder Avenue

In 2007, Centre Improvement Program (CIP) carried out a major upgrade to improve the streetscape amenity at Paradise Point.

A section of Falkinder Avenue between Grice Avenue and Community Lane was not included in the original work and in 2015, Cr Caldwell requested an upgrade to this section of Falkinder Avenue. Design elements from the original CIP project have been incorporated into this project.

Click to enlargeFalkinder Avenue before

Falkinder Avenue before

Falkinder Avenue after

Falkinder Avenue after

Design information

  •  Provide seating nodes;
  •  replace out-dated furniture;
  •  remove old concrete;
  •  install plants to create colour and interest;
  •  link with previous works by using similar design elements.

Project information

Design: City Place Making

Build/installation: Infrastructure Delivery Branch

Cost: $50,000  

For more information about the completed works, download and view the concept plan. (PDF 333kb)

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