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Lifeguards and surf safety

Our Chief Lifeguard has been keeping swimmers safe on our beaches since 1973. Learn more about Warren Young, his team, and how to stay safe on our beaches.

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Bathing reserves

City of Gold Coast is responsible for the management, protection and regulation of bathing reserves (see Queensland Local Government Act 2009). Extended reserve areas were granted by the Department of Local Government and gazetted on 28 August 2009.

We're responsible for some 52 kilometres of ocean beaches, extending from Rainbow Bay to South Stradbroke Island. Our beaches are used extensively for recreation and are integral to our local economy and lifestyle.

Activities within bathing reserves are subject to Local Law 10 (Bathing Reserves).

Find the link to Local Law No. 10 (Bathing Reserves) 2004 below.

Relevant applications covered by this local law include:

  • powered watercraft are prohibited within 400 metres of the low watermark in a bathing reserve
  • aquatic equipment (for example, surfboard, kite surfing board, surf ski and sailboard) cannot be used within 60 metres of a bathing area (designated by flags) within a bathing reserve
  • land yachts on wheels are not permitted within the bathing reserve
  • dangerous objects or equipment cannot be bought into the bathing reserve.

Download a map of the City's bathing reserves for ocean beach foreshores.

For more information contact our lifeguards on 07 5581 6172.

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