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Bruce Bishop Car Park

Located in the heart of Surfers Paradise the car park offers 1600 car spaces on seven levels.

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Bruce Bishop Carpark

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts

We are receiving advice from the Federal Government and Queensland Health on a daily basis to inform our response to the Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in the city.

Important information – cash not accepted

For the health and wellbeing of our community and staff and to reduce person to person contact, cash will not be accepted.

Payments must be made via debit or credit card (effective from 30 March 2020 until further notice).

Located in the heart of Surfers Paradise only metres from the Gold Coast’s key attractions and in convenient proximity to major hotels and apartments, Bruce Bishop carpark offers 1600 car spaces on seven (7) levels, with 24 hour CCTV surveillance and security patrols.

At our attractive rates – why would you park anywhere else?

Parking rates at Bruce Bishop Carpark – effective 1 July 2020

Please note: There is a current discount rate of a maximum daily charge of $5. This only allows one entry and one exit. If you need multiple entries and exits during the day, consider the three-day pass or the weekly pass.

Description Fee
Short-term Per hour or part thereof $2.90
Early bird Enter between 5.30am and 8am and leave between 2pm and 6pm $9.20
Daily rate Maximum daily charge (one entry and one exit only) $5
Three-day pass* Valid three (3) calendar days including day of purchase – unlimited access 24 hours $29
Weekly ticket* Valid seven (7) calendar days including day of purchase –  unlimited access 24 hours $46
Parking pass Non-refundable, one-off payment for plastic pass for long term parking. For your security, the pass will be registered in your name and can be cancelled if lost. $5.80
Monthly pass* Valid one (1) calendar month including day of purchase – unlimited access 24 hours $118
Loss of ticket Maximum daily charge for the day(s) your vehicle has been parked (per calendar day) $15 per calendar day

*Purchase your long-stay ticket (except Early Bird) immediately after parking your vehicle from the pay stations.

Find answers to frequently asked questions about this car park (e.g. height restrictions, ticket purchases) below.

Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

An Electric Vehicle Charge Station is available at Bruce Bishop Carpark. Charging your vehicle while you are going about your business in Surfers Paradise is free!* All that is required is an access card from ChargePoint.

The station is located in section I9 on the ground floor. When entering the car park from Beach Road, just veer left after passing the office, and you can't miss it.

* Normal parking rates apply.

Disabled Parking logo

Twelve (12) disabled parking spots are available at the car park - six on the ground floor just past the Beach Road entry, and six on lower level 1, just in front of the lifts.

All vehicles using these facilities must display a current disabled parking label. Interstate and overseas labels are also accepted. Vehicles with this permit will be exempt from fees.

Press the information button on any pay station or exit terminal and present your parking ticket along with your valid disabled parking permit to obtain an exit pass free of charge.

To obtain a disabled parking permit visit the Queensland Government website or call the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads on 13 23 80.

Please note: Disability permit holders are required to park legally. The permit does not allow a holder to park illegally such as in a 'No Stopping' area, on a yellow line, in a 'Bus Zone', on a footpath or nature strip area.

Payment methods

Pay stations are located on the ground level near the Beach Road entry, on the upper level near the Ferny Avenue entry, and outside the lifts at the front of the Transit Centre. Please make payment before returning to your vehicle.


Pay for your ticket upon departure at the exit terminal or purchase your long stay ticket immediately after parking your vehicle from the pay stations.
Cards accepted (payments by credit card may incur a surcharge):

  • Mastercard/Visa
  • Mastercard/Visa Debit Card

American Express and Diners Club are not accepted.

Need help?

For assistance, please use the intercom at any terminal.

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  • Are there any height restrictions inside the car park?

    Vehicles taller than 2.08 metres may not enter the car park as they may contract damage due to low ceiling height or damage the sprinkler system, in which case the City will seek restitution. There is a height bar at each entry to warn you if your vehicle exceeds our maximum allowed height. 

  • I want to purchase a weekly ticket. What do I have to do?

    Enter the car park by taking a ticket from the entry terminal. Purchase your long-stay ticket (except Early Bird) immediately after parking your vehicle from the pay stations.

  • I want to purchase a monthly pass. What do I have to do?

    Enter the car park by taking a ticket from the entry terminal. Purchase your long-stay ticket (except Early Bird) immediately after parking your vehicle from the pay stations.

  • When do I have to "prepay" for my parking?

    Prepay means that you pay for your parking in advance - before you leave the car park on foot. It should not be confused with paying on return before you get to the exit. Long term parking (3-day passes and longer) must be prepaid, as well as special event parking, which we usually offer for Christmas and New Year's events in Surfers Paradise. 

  • By what methods can I pay for my parking?

    ​​​​​​You can pay by credit or debit card at the pay stations and the exit terminals.

  • Where can I pay for my parking?

    There are two pay stations just past Beach Road entry on the ground floor: one near Ferny Avenue exit on the upper level, and one just outside the lifts in front of The 4217. The exit terminals are located directly at each exit lane - two on the ground floor and one on the upper level.

  • I want to pay but the machine says my ticket is faulty. What now?

    At your current terminal, pay station or exit, there is an intercom button labelled "i". Press this button and you will be connected for assistance. 

  • I have paid for my parking and want to exit, but the machine says my ticket is faulty. What now?

    At your current exit terminal is an intercom button, labelled "i". Press this button and you will be connected for assistance. 

  • I have just paid by credit/debit card at the pay station and now I am supposed to pay again at the exit terminal. What happened?

    Did you take your payment receipt? Most likely, you will find that the transaction at the pay station has failed without you noticing. The receipt will show the amount due, and then something like: "PAID $0.00". In that case, just make your payment at the exit terminal. 

  • I am trying to enter/exit the car park with my weekly/monthly pass, but the gate won't open and on the display it shows something like "Wrong inside/outside identification". What does that mean?

    To prevent fraudulent use, our long term passes allow only one entry before an exit has to occur, and vice versa. If you accidentally took a casual ticket from the entry terminal, the last registered use of your long term pass is still an "exit", and it won't let you exit again. Please press the help button for assistance.

  • I received a voucher to pay for my parking. How do I use it?

    Please note that the vouchers are not "free parking" tickets. They don't replace your entry ticket, but are used as payment for your entry ticket. Should you have thrown out your entry ticket, a parking voucher alone does not entitle you to exit the car park, and a fee for a lost ticket is payable. To make a payment with a voucher, insert your entry ticket into the ticket slot at the pay station or the exit terminal first, then the voucher. Any remaining balance is payable, either by cash or credit/debit card. 

  • How secure is it to park at Bruce Bishop Car Park?

    Whilst we can't guarantee against, or be liable for, loss or damage of your vehicle, we make every effort to ensure your vehicle is as safe as possible. Twenty-four hour video surveillance and regular security patrols of the premises have proven to be efficient. If you would like security staff to escort you back to your vehicle, please talk to security at the office near Beach Road entry. 

  • Where are the nearest restrooms?

    Restrooms are available at The 4217 inside the Transit Centre. After The 4217 closes - usually at midnight - the nearest public toilets are on the Cavill Ave side of Melbas, just through the RSL arcade.  

  • Can I leave my car for a long time while going away/overseas?

    If we notice that a vehicle is not moved for an extended period of time, we may consider it abandoned and will tow it away after making reasonable effort to contact the vehicle's owner. It is strongly recommended that you tell the car park staff at the office if you want to store a vehicle.  

  • Where can I find the general conditions advertised?

    The car park's General Conditions of Use are prominently displayed at both the Beach Road and Ferny Avenue entries. These conditions explain a general code of conduct and what can and can't be brought into the car park. Please familiarise yourself with these conditions if you are unsure. You can also obtain a copy from the car park office. 

  • Do you offer special rates during events?

    Bruce Bishop Car Park usually offers special rates for well-attended events in Surfers Paradise. Check the website or the car park's advisory signage for details at a time closer to the events. 

  • Can I hire a number of car parks, e.g., for a convention?

    Whilst Bruce Bishop Car Park is hardly ever operating at capacity, meaning that the car park is full, we can't set aside a particular section of the car park for a convention. You can park wherever it is permitted and it is most likely that you will find a parking spot at Bruce Bishop Car Park. 


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