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Leisure activities

The Gold Coast's beautiful parks, waterways and kilometres of uninterrupted beaches offer an array of leisure activities for residents and visitors.

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Chevron Island fishing platform

Chevron Island Fishing Platform

The fishing platform pictured is located in Korman Family Park, Chevron Island just downstream (north) of the western Chevron Island bridge. The platform has seating and a blue shade sail with a nautical theme.

Good catches

  • Whiting (during the summer months)
  • Bream
  • Flathead

Best tides

Last of the run in and during the run out.


A light eight foot estuary type outfit match up with two kilogram to four kilogram line.


Yabbies, herrings and bloodworms. Schools of small shrimp and prawns school up along the rocks beside the platform, which allows anglers with small scoop nets to gather a bucketful of bait. Using a few of these small shrimps or prawns on a small size six hook and casting them out into the channel generally results in a whiting, bream or flathead.

You can all help protect our waterways and fish stocks, by doing a few simple things

  1. Dispose of all rubbish, bait bags and tangled fishing lines thoughtfully.
  2. Practise catch and release, or only keep the fish that you need.
  3. Observe bag limits.

Download a map to the Chevron Island fishing platform.

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